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At KW we lead the development of alternative feeding in the UK, making it the natural choice on high performance livestock farms.  Today, the choice of alternative feeds is greater than ever and we offer the widest possible range of dry, moist, liquid, blended and compounded feeds alongside more traditional straights, minerals, vitamins, protected fats, secure covers and silage additives. 

Alternative feeding is important with farmers looking to reduce costs, raise yields or productivity, and improve herd health to meet the challenges of the future.

What you can expect from KW

Many of our team members come from farming backgrounds themselves and so we understand the pressures of farming life. With over 30 years experience, KW can help lighten the load, making us the supplier of choice in the UK.

Our team of expert nutritionists, sales specialists and customer support staff will help find the best diet for your animals to obtain maximum performance at best value, offer up to date market information and flexibility on buying preferences, and deliver your order at a time convenient for you.

Our Products

Our product pages offer our complete catalogue of alternative feeds. Information on availability, handing, storage, recommended daily feed rates, production and traceability information and a detailed dry matter analysis can be found for each product in our range. Rather talk it through with someone? Call 0845 355 9935 or find your local office.

How to order

If you’re a new customer please call us on 0845 355 9935 where a member of our support team will be happy to assist, or search for your local feed specialist and call him or her directly. If you already do business with us, have your account number handy.

How to find us

We have offices across the UK so they’ll be a member of our team nearby. You can find your local office, contact a specific KW specialist or simply fill in our enquiry form and one of our team will be in touch shortly.


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