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The best way to get results from your animals is to make sure that they are being fed the best possible ration. Your KW advisor is perfectly placed to offer up to date industry and ration knowledge.

Jennifer Smith

KW Sales Specialist

Jennifer grew up in Cheshire on a livestock farm. She studied Agriculture at Nottingham University and started work as a graduate with Trident Feeds in the marketing department in 1994.

Preferring the outdoors, she transferred to KW Alternative Feeds in 1997 where she began her career as a Feed Sales Specialist. Her area is much of South and West Yorkshire, the Skipton area West towards Gisburn with the A59 as the northern border. Eighteen years on, she still very much enjoys the varied trading and feed advisory role the job entails and particularly specializes in dairy nutrition.

Jennifer married David, a dairy farmer in 2001 and has three children.

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