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  • Oat Cutting Flour
    An energy rich and high starch cooked cereal feed providing an excellent source of digestible starch...
  • Palm Kernel Expeller
    Palm Kernel Expeller provides a good source of energy as digestible fibre and palm oil. Now include...
  • Pressed Sugar Beet Pulp
    A high digestible fibre, extremely palatable and moist feed, Pressed Sugar Beet Pulp can be used as ...
  • ProtoTec
    Similar in rumen bypass protein (DUP) to Soya Bean Meal, ProtoTec is a cost-effective proven alterna...
  • Rapeseed Extract
    Rapeseed Extract provides a good source of rumen degradable protein as well as rumen by-pass protein...
  • Regumaize 44
    A very high protein from regulated release urea, Regumaize 44 provides a good source of palatable su...
  • Regumix
    regumis product sheet
  • KW Soda Wheat
    KW Soda Wheat provides high energy from slowly fermentable starch plus rumen buffering.
  • Soya Hulls
    Extremely rich in digestible fibre, Soya Hulls are excellent for maintaining rumen conditions and an...
  • SoyPass®
    A soya based product supplying twice the quantity of rumen bypass protein as Hipro Soya Bean Meal. &...
Displaying 41 - 50 of 85 matches


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